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Difference of Aluminum Casting

Generally,aluminum can be casted by GRAVITY CASTING, SAND CASTING, and DIE CASTING.


The main characteristic as following:


1. Working Principal. 
   Gravity casting is formed in cavity of metal mold. Sand casting is formed through flow in sand mold or metal mold.
   Die casting is formed by hot chamber or cold chamber die casting machine, with die casting mold.
2. Advange and Disadvantage
   Gravity casting is fluided with quick speed, easy to exhaust, high compactness, smaller machining allowance, lower cost.
   Sand casting is fluided with slow speed, inclined to have porosity & sand hole, machining allowance is bigger, higher cost.
   Die casting is fluided with very quick speed in die casting machine and formed by high pressure, suitable for large quantity.
3. Efficiency.
    Gravity casting efficiency is higher than sand casting, both of them could make complex parts.
    Die casting is the best for efficiency, but some complex parts could be fabricated by die casting.
4. Material
    Sand casting and gravity casting can cast the same aluminum material.
    Die casting material is totally different with gravity casting and sand casting.
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