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Full automatic high speed box packaging machine

Full automatic high speed box packaging machine




custom parts

The Full automatic high speed continuous cartoning box packaging Machine is our own designed and manufactured product.

It can realize the whole process of automatic opening box, filling product, folding box, spraying glue and sealing box.

The whole machine focuses on mechanical transmission, with high stability and high accuracy. The pneumatic section uses FESTO, the electrical control system uses SIEMENS PLC, the inverter uses MITSUBISHI .

custom parts

custom parts

custom parts





The machine can be connected with the blister machine, pillow packaging machine, shrink-wrapper, etc., to form a Packaging Line. It is labor-saving and bring more benefit to the user.



Model No.


Packing Speed

150 (boxes/min)

Box Type

Tuck End Box, Seal End Box

Box Paper Weight


Box Size (L×W×H)

(110-250)mm X (40-100)mm X(30-80)mm

Air Pressure

≥0.5 Mpa

Air Consumption



Power Supply

380V / 50Hz

220V /50Hz


Motor Power

5.7 Kw

3.5Kw (not including hot-melt glue machine)

Machine Dimension (L×W×H)


Machine weight



1.  Planetary disc take-up box and the open-box device

Avoids the unstable factors caused by the vibration of the traditional pick-up device, and the three sets of standard planetary track suckers can reach the working speed of 150 boxes / min.

2.  Follow-up pusher

15 groups of follow-up pusher to ensure that the product is reliably inserted into the box during the transport process.

3.  Large carton bin

The carton bin can be packed with 700-1000 boxes at a time, which reduces the labor frequency of the operators.

4.  Transmission system

The whole machine is driven by one motor,the complete mechanical transmission ensures the accuracy of the whole transmission system and low noise.

 5.  Safety system

The use of safety clutch can achieve automatic shutdown when overload operation. The photoelectric sensing device to realize no products no sucking of the box.

 6.  Coding and glue spraying

Automatic hot-melt glue spraying system and automatic mechanical coding. The automatic glue machine uses Robatech brand (or Nordson) to ensure that the spray glue has no leakage spray, and the nozzle is direct injection to prevent leakage.


Serving Industries:

custom parts

custom parts

custom parts


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