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Aluminum Gravity Casting Parts

Aluminum Gravity Casting Parts


Custom Aluminum Gravity Casting Parts


1 Material: various aluminum, such as A356, A319, AlSi8Cu3,  Alsi10MgMn, ZL101,102 etc

2 Mold:  gravity casting mold with two kinds of core, resin sand core or metal core.

Process: mold design and fabrication -> melting -> pouring -> CNC turning, milling, grinding etc -> heat treatment -> surface treatmnet -> package & shipping

4 Heat treatment: T5 or T6 status 

Surface treatment: sandblasting, anodisation, polishing, powder coating, painting, electro-plating etc

Standard: ASTM/ ANSI/ DIN/ BS/ JIS etc

QC: 100% inspection before shipment

Insection: Ultrasonic test, magnetic particle test, tensile test, X-ray test, Liquid penetrate test, etc.

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